WHEN: Wednesday May  5th– Every Wednesday
TIME: 12:00 to 13:00
Short Description:
I will be doing a series of short performances
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Larry Dvoskin’s weekly show titled LIFE IS LARRY, Beginning on May 5th ( Cinco de Mayo) at 12 noon- 115pm EDT will feature stories about Mr. Dvoskin’s colorful “rock & roll globe trotting” lifestyle.

He has always done What he loves and worked with some of the biggest stars in music, culture, technology. All this while being a spiritual seeker with an internal hunger to discover the answer to life’s more philosophical questions of why are we here? What is the meaning of life?

To answer these universal themes Mr. Dvoskin will draw upon a lifetime of renowned friends, colleagues, and even some shady yet entertaining guests each week. His guests include famous rock stars, tech founders, billionaires, gurus, artists, inventors, along with a few prostitutes and gangsters to keep the listener engaged.

It’s a show as colorful as the painting seen behind Mr. Dvoskin. Created by Miami artist Sergey Gordienko aka Do What You Love artist.

LARRY’s GOOD CAUSE: All donations to Mr. Dvoskin or streaming royalties for his show will literally feed the poor, and save lives in real time NOW.

All proceeds will go to “World Central Kitchen” a charity founded by renowned Chef Andres to deliver meals to doctors, nurses, first responders in the Covid-19 pandemic. They also feed the homeless by partnering with restaurants to provide free delicious meals.

In New York City in one month alone during the Covid-19 crisis they have delivered 995,061 meals.

Every Wed starting Cinco De Mayo, May 5th at 12 noon EDT.

Sample guests may include:
Al Jardine- The Beach Boys
Steve Wolf- production w Katie Perry, Miley Cyrus, Alicia Keys, David Bowie
Nick Graham- founder of Joe Boxer, NASA Apollo 11 designer, Fashion icon
Frankie Fingers the Mobster- The real deal. No last names to protect the audience!
John DeLucie- NYC Power Chef and Restaurant Owner of The Empire Diner NYC
Charlie Walk- discovered Drake, The Weeknd, launched Nick Jonas, Khalid.
Michael Flexig- Telling stories of what it was like to open for Freddie Mercury and Queen in a group with Larry in 1980’s.
Melinda Newman- Executive Editor Billboard Magazine
Jason Flom- Discovered Lorde, Co-founder of The Inocense project
Tom Bennett- Founder of Pond5 world biggest video library
Jeff Hurant- Ran the world’s largest male escort website “Rentboy” until Homeland Security took him down.

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