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Dr. Giggles Comedy Club – is a virtual comedy club.
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Dr. Giggles Comedy Club – a virtual comedy club. Comedians submit 3 to 5 minute comedy clip for an open mic style event. Submit clip here

The show will air according to scheduled time please check Dr. Giggles show times here: VISIT THE CALENDAR.

We encourage comedians to share the listing and open mic show with friends, family and fans. Everyone who participates will receive a portion of what the overall show raises for the night and ongoing as well. The show may rerun with donation Efforts behind it and you will be part of the revenue split.

Dr Giggles in an effort to provide stage time and make up for lost wages, has partnered with PeerTracksGive to give back to comedians and spread the gift of laughter.

Dr Giggles will hopefully be the cure for closed comedy clubs and test if laughter is the best medicine even if only anecdotal.

Check the schedule for feature headline acts. If you and/or you group can fill 30 minutes to 1 hour – we will work with you to schedule your own show

Disclaimer – not all clips will make each show or any show due to poor quality or questionable content.

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